5 Ways To Incorporate Bone Broth Into Your Daily Routine

March 06, 2016

5 Ways To Incorporate Bone Broth Into Your Daily Routine

Everyone is buzzing about the amazing nutrition and healing benefits that bone broth can provide for the human body. It is, after all, a health food that was consumed for thousands of years by our ancestors all across the globe. Now, recent research suggests consuming 14 to 16 ounces of bone broth each day may be the ticket to achieving the most from its medicinal powers. Of course, how much bone broth you consume is entirely up to you, and any amount of bone broth is better than none at all.

If you find yourself struggling with figuring out how to incorporate bone broth into your everyday diet, it may be time to think a bit outside the box, as there are countless ways to do so. Experimenting with new ideas and your personal palate can make bone broth indulgence more fun, and using it in a variety of ways can help ensure that you keep up your new healthy habit. Incorporating bone broth into your daily diet can be super easy, quick and, in many instances, a cheaper alternative to other ingredients typically used in cooking.

Here are five of our favorite ways to incorporate bone broth into your daily routine:

 Cup of Bone Broth

1.) Drink a warm cup of bone broth in place of coffee or tea. This is the easiest and most clear-cut way to ensure that you’re getting enough of that bone broth goodness. Bone broth can be consumed on its own or with flavorful add-ins such as spices, butter or fresh herbs. Bone broth makes an energizing hot beverage that many people have grown fond of as their go-to morning or evening drink. If you’re planning to drink bone broth on its own this way, taste is obviously important.  Making your own homemade bone broth or buying from an artisanal producer such as Bone & Co. provides the most nutrition along with the very best flavor.

 Red Lentil Soup

2.) Use bone broth as a base to make soup. Arguably, the most popular way to incorporate a good dose of bone broth into a meal, you can heat up bone broth along with meats, vegetables, dairy and grains to make wonderful, hearty and quick soups. Really, bone broth can work in any kind of soup. We suggest trying it out in a traditional vegetable soup, Matzoh Ball soup or using it to spruce up a Mexican chicken soup. Stock up (pun intended) on pastured chicken bone broth and grass-fed beef bone broth through Bone & Co.


Chicken Pot Pie

3.) Use bone broth as a healthy substitute for other ingredients or to add flavor to any recipe. Bone broth can be used in place of water, butter or oils to make scrumptious sauces, baked goods, simmer grains or sauté vegetables and meats. Kick the health benefits of your food up a few notches and even add some flavor. By simply substituting bone broth into your recipes in place of other less-nutritious options, you can achieve better skin, hair, nails, digestive health and joint health. Try out both the beef and chicken bone broth from Bone & Co. and work with the different flavor profiles to really get creative with new recipes.

 Bloody Mary

4.) Use bone broth in smoothies and other beverages. By freezing bone broth in ice cube trays, you can easily add it into your smoothies, as you normally would ice or water. Bone broth works best in vegetable-based smoothies, as the flavor and texture blends well with other earthy ingredients. Feel free to start small and continually add more and more broth over time as you figure out what your taste buds prefer. As for other cold beverages ideas - bone broth Bloody Mary’s, anyone? Here at Bone & Co. we use only organic vegetables and herbs in our bone broths, which trump those of many traditional store-bought broths and can help to give your power smoothies (or Bloody Mary’s) an extra flavor packed nutritional boost.


Facial Mask

5.) Use bone broth to make beauty extracts and at-home remedies. If you’ve gotten into the D.I.Y. craze, bone broth can be used to make soaps, body scrubs and facial masks, among other beauty products. It's amazing skin-loving nutrients include magnesium, potassium, amino acids, collagen and hyaluronic acid. If any of these names sound familiar, it’s because many, if not most, are found in the majority of skin-care products sold over the counter. Bone & Co. broths are simmered for a full 24 hours, which helps to extract the most nutrients possible, including those listed above, making it one of the healthiest bone broth options available.

So, even if you don’t enjoy the actual flavor of bone broth on its own, there are many ways to incorporate it into your daily diet and still reap the rewards. Use it as a base for stews and sauces, cook rice, pasta and other grains in it, use it to add moisture or flavor to any dish or simply sip a mug of it with your meal. The possibilities are endless.


5 Ways To Incorporate Bone Broth Into Your Daily Routine