Making Bone Broth Is Not For The Faint Of Heart (But We Can Help)

September 14, 2016

Making Bone Broth Is Not For The Faint Of Heart (But We Can Help)

We certainly pass no judgment if the first time you heard of bone broth you scrunched up your face in disgust and immediately thought “What? Why? No.” It’s a common response, and it’s a fair response. Bone broth sounds graphic, it sounds gross, and it quite frankly sounds like nothing that any normal human would be thrilled about putting into their body. Yet, it has become one of the hottest new health trends around the country. Why? Because the wellness and beauty benefits that come from a good batch of bone broth are unbelievable. Nutritionists and health experts globally are raving about the powers that a cup of bone broth can hold, and it’s making everyone everywhere want to jump on the bandwagon.


By doing a quick search, those curious about trying bone broth will discover that it can either be made at home or purchased from an artisan provider online. We are huge advocates of making bone broth at home, it's how we came to love it. However, making bone broth from scratch is not always a cooking chore people are willing to take on.  It's true, cooking bone broth is not without its obstacles.




  1. It’s difficult to find the ingredients that supply the health benefits a good stock of bone broth aims to provide.

    Chicken on the farm

    Even amateur cooks will tell you - using whole, fresh ingredients makes for a far superior end result than any canned good available in grocery stores. Using high quality ingredients is the most important factor in making a batch of homemade bone broth that truly supplies a wealth of health benefits. This includes bones from healthy grass-fed cattle or pasture raised chickens and organic vegetables. Depending on the area that you live in, it may be difficult to find these ingredients, or they may require extra effort and time and come at a higher price.

  2. Two words:  Chicken Feet

    Chicken feet

    Chicken feet are the star ingredient in any good chicken bone broth.  These guys contribute a ton of collagen to the broth, and are a must have.  Those that can get past the ick factor of handling chicken feet (the correct term is actually chicken paws) still have one more hurdle to clear - finding them.  Chicken feet from healthy, pastured chickens are not as easy to acquire as one might think, much to the chagrin of many broth enthusiasts.

  3. Making homemade bone broth is not a pretty process.

    Grass-fed Beef on cutting board

    We will be the first to admit that the whole process of making bone broth can seem mildly terrifying. Doing a quick Google search to see what the process looks like and how long it will take may reconfirm your feelings. The simple fact that bone broth comes from the boiled-down remains of a once living animal might be enough to scare many people away. And, if we’re being completely honest, homemade bone broth can often end up looking like dirty dishwater. Some people just don’t have the stomach to work with that or deal with raw animal parts and bones.

  4. It takes a VERY long time to make a good batch of homemade bone broth.

    Clock in the kitchen

    The most high-quality bone broth, the kind that tastes great and is packed full of nutrition and all of the benefits one is seeking from its consumption, must be slow simmered for many hours or even days. The end result of this long process is a complex and rich broth that is definitely worth the wait. If you skimp out on cooking time, you’ll be losing a great deal of valuable nutrients that don’t go through the process of being released. Therefore, if you’re not willing to put in the hours, homemade bone broth may not be the best option for you.


As you can see, there’s a lot more to a batch of homemade bone broth than meets the eye. Not feeling up for the challenge? We don’t blame you!


Thankfully, as we mentioned before, there’s always the option to simply buy bone broth. However, before you run out to the local grocer, you should know that not all broths are made equal. Most commercial broths that line the grocery store aisles are not true bone broths, and are made with MSG and other non-nutritional additives that really defeat the whole purpose of bone broth consumption for health. The next time you’re in your local store, take a look at the back of a can of a broth and you’ll see what we mean. (And don’t be fooled by clever taglines that suggest“natural flavors”.) If you aren't up for the challenge of making it at home, the best option for those looking for a quick, convenient and non-messy way to get their hands on quality bone broth is through an artisan provider that uses pasture raised / grass-fed, organic ingredients and no additives.

Bone & Co. Bone Broth Product Shot


Bone & Co. offers just that, with both beef and chicken broth available for purchase, superior customer service and speedy delivery. Seriously, if you’re someone who has mastered the art of homemade bone broth, then hats off to you. We always encourage people to make their own bone broth if their schedule and stomach allow for it. However, for those of you that can’t handle the amount of time involved or the ‘icky’ ingredients used in the process, you can always count on Bone & Co. to provide you with a bone broth that is just as wholesome as any homemade one. We created Bone & Co. to help during those seasons of life when making homemade broth just isn't possible. So, kick back, relax and let us do the nitty-gritty work for you. Our sleek packaging makes it favorable for storage and easy for hundreds of different uses. Once you’ve gotten your hands on some of our bone broth you’ll find yourself using it in all sorts of recipes ranging from soups and stews to sauces and desserts.